What is the most corrupt thing you’ve ever experienced?

Almost four years ago, my grandmother passed away. However, her death was not the cause of a natural occurrence. She was murdered. My grandmother was murdered by her own son, my father’s brother, who I no longer call my uncle.

We live in a different country, whereas they live in a third world country. These kinds of tragedies aren’t viewed as tragedies over there. Rather, it is normalcy. He did not have to encounter any repercussions for murdering my grandmother. At most, he was taken to jail for a few days or a week and was let free after offering some money to the officers that he had stolen from my grandmother.

He called us and pretended to sob to me over the phone and act clueless about her passing, while he was guilty all along. I will never be able to heal or recover from this. I still am awakened by experiencing highly traumatic and vivid images of her dead body, submerged in a pool of her own blood.

He lives normally. No consequences, no punishment or anything. What a world we live in.

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