What is the most depressing thing that have happened to you?

I moved to a new city and did not know anyone so I joined a social sports team to make new friends. A week later I was invited to a party where I was raped by five men from my team who held me down as each took turns all while being told not to tell anyone one because no one would believe me. I was conditioned by society that men don’t get raped along with the thought that no one would believe. They had recorded the encounter and would constantly send me the video till I blocked their numbers. I later found out it had been posted online. During that time I was told by my doctor I had contracted HIV. It wasn’t till three years later that I told anyone after I attempted suicide and ended up in a psychiatric hospital. Ended up developing a serious addiction to Meth hoping to ease the pain. Over the past two years I have received friend request on Facebook from two of the guys asking me how I was since they haven’t seen me in a while. They acted as if nothing had happened. It’s been a long process with therapy trying to recover from the trauma but things are getting better.

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