What is the most disgusting thing that you have ever seen in public?

Years ago my brother and I are in line at Cookout (fast food joint in south USA) late at night, starving for some incredibly unhealthy eats. This lady, who can barely keep her car in the line without bashing into things, pulls up to the window in front of us. She hands her card to the attendant, and the moment the worker looks away, opens up her door and pukes out gallons of fluid. I'm not kidding, it would have filled a gatorade cooler. An absurd amount. We even joked "it's just a prank brooo" because it looked so cartoonish. We were already going to just peace out because of disgusting it was. Appetites were shot.

Well, worker comes back, and hands this lady her food, and, I presume, gets a big whiff of what's below. We see them look down, gag, slam the window shut, and puke sprays the inside of the drive through window. Lady in the car pukes AGAIN out of the window again and then floors it, almost hitting someone in front of her.

It was such an absurd sequence, we're just grabbing our hair and going "NOOOOO!? NO!!! OH GOD SHE DID NOT—OH NOOOO"

I still can barely stomach cookout, to not fault of their own lol

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