What is the most disrespectful thing that someone has done in your home?

I live in a one bedroom house (it’s essentially a non-mobile tiny home) and a friend was moving back into town and getting in late with a u-haul. I told her she could stay on my couch for one night so that she didn’t have to deal with parking her trailer at a hotel. It was a giant shit show and I will never offer my place to guests again... I’ll just run through the list.

-Strike 1 -There are stipulations in my lease about where my guests can park and so I told her exactly where they could park. She did not park there and would not move...

-Strike 2 - she comes in and scatters her stuff everywhere. My house is insanely small. Every surface of my living room is covered in her stuff. Nothing is folded. Just wads of clothes and blankets - even on my desk when she knows I work from home a lot of the time. The stuff does not get cleaned up when I ask. I had to do it myself and she sat on the couch and watched.

-Strike 3 - She confesses to me in the morning that she has not arranged any place to stay or live. And that her plan is to stay with me. I tell her that a couple nights is fine but my lease stipulates that I cannot have anyone stay with me long term... and my house is too small for two people to live here... she shrugs it off.

-Strike 4 - she goes back to sleep on the couch... from 11am to 5pm.

-Strike 5 - When she does wake up, I’m working in my kitchen because she has claimed my living room (which is normally my office). She walks in and starts commenting on how she can’t believe I’m working and how the stuff I’m doing would put her to sleep.

-Strike 6 - The only way to access my only bathroom is through my bedroom and the bathroom door doesn’t shut. Two nights in a row I warned her that I was going to sleep soon but she waited until I was getting up to go to bed before she would go in there and do her nightly whatever in the bathroom.

-Strike 7 - I ask her about when she’s going to take care of her u haul which is parked in a spot on my street where I’m not allowed to park. She shrugs and says she’ll take care of it in the next few days.

At this point I was beyond fed up. I woke up early for work and cooked enough breakfast for both of us. While we were eating I told her that she could stay with me for 2 more nights but then she had to make other arrangements. I explained that I don’t have a spare key for my house and so she needs to head out when I leave for work (quietly hoping she’ll use the time to do something about the u-haul and park somewhere else) so that I can lock up. She was visibly upset and offended but at that point I didn’t care. She left almost immediately. Later that night I was at dinner with some friends and I hadn’t been able to get ahold of her all day. I invited her and she completely ghosted me then called while I was eating. She asked if she could pick up my keys at the restaurant so she could get her stuff before I got home.

It was weird. But I gave her the keys, she got her stuff, and I haven’t talked to her since except for over email.

No more house guests unless they’re family.

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