What is the most disrespectful thing that someone has done in your home?

Was having predrinks with two girls from work I was close friends with. One of them asked if her friend could drop by quickly so we could all split an Uber to go out. No sweat, rang this girl I didn’t even know and told her she was welcome, let her know what time we were going out and to bring drinks. She turns up, puts up a FIGHT because I wanted her to take her shoes off at the door, tries to help herself to my Patrón (tequila) without asking. Then when I’m pulling my friend aside telling her to pull her into line she goes into my room, starts going through my clothes and when I follow her in points at photos of my boyfriend and tells me she thinks acne is disgusting and that he’s ugly. Could have lived with the disrespect to my home but baby no you crossed a line insulting the man I love.

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