What is the most disrespectful thing that someone has done in your home?

A couple months ago, my boyfriend and I had a few friends over to party at our house. I was actually pretty miserably sick with a cold at the time, so I was just snuggled in a blanket on the couch, watching a movie while everyone else was getting drunk. This guy we know shows up and he throws down some blow and starts racking up lines for people. He does this a couple times, and it seemed like he was being super generous, until he announces that everyone now owes him $80.
It gets worse: at the end of the night, he starts talking to me. I’m totally sober and feeling like shit from being sick, he’s all drunk and slurring, and proceeds to creep on me! He started touching my upper inner thigh, which made me extremely uncomfortable, so I just immediately stood up and left the room. How disrespectful this guy was to make me feel uncomfortable in my own home when he’d been invited in as a guest, and to creep on me when my boyfriend was in the other room.

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