What was the most 'extreme' group in history overall?

An unpopular, but perhaps the answer, is the western elite, the multinational plutocracy, or the transnational military-economic-political complex if you will. It has one ideology: everything for us. It is predominantly white and American, though not exclusively. Some of you will be thinking this is non sense, well hear me out.

First you may ask who lacks personal liberties and freedoms in the united states? It is the beacon of freedom for the world. It is quite simple. How free are you if you are black? How free are you if you are Hispanic? What opportunities are there for you? Certainly there are a very small class of exceptions, simply to disprove the general rule, but whole groups are effectively impoverished, ghettoized, policed, and gated away. Why does the united states incarcerate so many people? Who sets up and continues to run and monitor the drug trade? It is very likely the major criminal organizations are all known to authorities, and are tolerated as long as they serve their purposes, and don't overstep their bounds.

What about cruel acts of torture, and punishment? America doesn't have jack booted brown shirts, or kristallnachts. There is no Stasi or Kempeitai, and no files kept on every citizen. There is no culture of cult of the leader and inform on thy neighbor. There are no scapegoated persecuted ethnic, political or religious minorities in the land of freedom... Well, sadly America has a long history of strike breaking, and murdering labor leaders. There is now department of homeland security from its forebears, much like a defense department waged offensive war. There was the red scare. Middle easterners are subject to suspicion, scapegoating and persecution, merely just at the hint of the word 'terrorist'. There is now 5 eyes that has every email, telephone call, and text message sent by anyone in north america, likely most of the world, including this post. The Stasi only dreamed of such reach, and propanda has never been so widespread or subtle.

As for torture, when it isn't done directly, we have allies that do it for us, in more jails than people probably know about, all over the world mostly in secret. What little has been exposed is useful to intimidate the weak and is proof of the confident inviolability of among the worst criminal sadists. Pregant women thrown out of planes into the sea, children raped and murdered, there is no sin that has not been committed probably hundred, maybe thousands of times or more. The vast web of influence with power at its center, extends virtually everywhere, it is the motto of the NSA. What is torture? Is starvation torture? Is economic privation torture? How many have starved or died in india, africa, asia or south america because of the global economic system indifferent to their suffering. It is quite common for farmers to commit suicide. At whose indirect hand do we lay blame? America has global hegemonic dominance since the 90s, with perhaps the exception of small spheres of influence around of China and Russia (with similar crimes). China is essentially a vassal state now economically. They are quite happy to enslave a great number of their citizens in vast poluted industrial concrete cities to make ipads, cheap plastic toys and most of the cheap goods we find in our markets, the worlds biggest manufacturer.

They wage war at a whim, against the direct wishes of the populace. Perhaps some are too young to recall some of the largest public demonstrations in history against the second war in Iraq, that made almost no difference. They 'destabilize' undesirable, even inconvenient regimes, those that thwart them in any which way, having previously loyal, favored 'strong men' humiliated and killed. Caring not a whit for the hundreds of thousands, if not millions displaced, starving, forced into slums, thievery, prostitution, trafficking etc, not to mention those killed in the violent 'civil' conflicts that erupt when mercenaries, maniacs, money and arms are liberally dropped into erstwhile peaceful and functioning societies, to mention nothing about the destruction of culture. Nowadays they don't even need people to destroy, but do it by proxy, remote control, a drone here, a missile there, watched by satellite, while innocent women and children are ripped to shreds, no blood on their hands. All this has been going on in earnest for at least 75 years or more. How to account the victims is perhaps more than any one person can attempt.

The Huns were by comparison mere cartels, or biker gangs on the steppes (in their straightforward brutality and enslavement), and the NDSP merely aspired to the power, self inflated prestige, dominance and control which the western elites possess.

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