What was the most forbidden sex you've had?

yes and no. we've been doing this for a long time. when her and i first met she was a sexy, busty free spirit with a flirtatious and open sexual nature. I didn't mind her history. We were young and it was like hooking up with a busty pornstar. She wanted to go steady and monogamous with me so the openness went away.

Few years in I'm busy with uni fulltime and working nights and weekends to split the rent to our place. This spared no time to meet her needs or be together. She worked a very public part time job where she gathered the eyes and attention of several admirers. The writing was on the wall and I knew if nothing changed it'll chisel away and she'd cheat. I was right. Since we were in a lease we stayed at the same place. She reverted back to the girl I met.

No time to move on or have another sexual outlet I was naturally turned on by the girl who turned into the girl I first met. We rekindled after a year on 2 conditions: the relationship is open on her end and we explore it together. It wasn't cheating if it was allowed. This time I was changing for her.

So part of my turn on comes from a very bro mutual appreciation in sharing her like a busty pornstar and another her deriving pleasure with others as a hotwife. Sometimes I'm doubleteaming, sometimes i'm watching or waiting my turn and other times she goes out solo and I get pics, video and a play by play.

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