What is the most fucked up thing you have seen?

My the necklaced corpses of my Grandma and Uncle, dumped infront of our land, that I discovered when I went to take water out. I was in 8 ( the year 1989). They were killed by the then terrorist group, the JVP.

Necklacing is when you put a gasoline filled car rubber tire around a persons neck and then set it on fire till they die.

What I distinctly remember is the smell after a few days. My mom, didn't dare retrieve the bodies. If we went to retrieve the body, the JVP would had captured and killed us too. The stray dogs didn't touch the corpses due to the smell of petrol. Ultimately after about a week, a monitor started eating the corpses. After about two weeks, when we determined it safe, we buried what was left of the corpses, under the cover of darkness.

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