What is the most important car to you?

It’s the car I’m standing next to right now, in a church parking lot, waiting on AAA to come tow, a 99 Miata. It has taught me one of the most important lessons in car ownership, when to just walk away and take a huge loss. Bought this thing a little over a year ago for 3.5k. Have put 15k into spiffing it up, lots of cosmetic stuff, some mechanical. Whole new interior, fresh paint, sound system, engine rebuilt. Today the transmission took a shit and I’ve decided to just walk away from it, take a huge loss and sell it for whatever I can get. Fuck this car. I’m getting something with a warranty and not looking back. On a related note, if anyone is in the NC area and wants a “deal” on a NB hit me up. Engine has less than 500 miles on the rebuild.

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