What is the most interesting dream(sleeping one) you ever had?

There’s a playing field near my house and for some reason they had set up a big top and I went along. I went around and one tent said “best blowjobs ever”.

I go over i buy a ticket the guy says it’s one per person I say ok. I go in and it’s a sort of glory hole type thing and I position myself, it’s absolutely extraordinary. The floor falls in and I land outside the big top. I think “oh my god, I need that again”. So I dress up so they won’t recognise me and I get in again I get the same treatment and again it’s absolutely wonderful. But instead of falling through the floor this time the ticket man comes in saying “I thought I recognised you” him and 3 heavies drag me out and beat me silly but I’m still wanting that feeling again.

By this point all the men in town are going to get blow jobs. So again I dress up and get past the ticket man, I get this incredible feeling again.

This time the heavies come in and beat me up then say “you love the blowjobs don’t you?”, I say “yes”, they say “do you want to see who’s giving them?”, I say “yes”. Suddenly the panel with the glory hole falls down and behind it... is me. Suddenly I remember all the blowjobs I’d been given over the time.

Then I woke up. I don’t know what this says about me but I remember thinking it was a very odd dream.

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