What is the most largely believed piece of misinformatiom?

Former utility worker here! The idea that if every person owned an electric vehicle (EV) - we'd be able to wipe out fossil fuels and pollution. Sounds nice, right? But hundreds of millions of EVs require CHARGING - via electricity delivered to your homes by - yes, you guessed it, power plants which burn FOSSIL FUELS. There is not near enough space to build zillions of solar panels and windmills to generate the massive amounts of voltage required to charge millions of EVs.

Every nation's power generation infrastructure - would have to be rebuilt if every person in every neighborhood averaging 25 homes each - owned EVs. Rationing of power at odd times would occur. Scientists have yet to figure out a way to charge millions of EVs without power plants burning fossil fuels - which already generate massive amounts of electricity more reliably - than larger-footprint renewables such as solar panels and windmills. Hydro power is finite in relation to distance - and while nuclear power as they have in France could be a solution - that's a non-starter in the U.S. This is the the thing most people don't think through while proudly driving their EVs - and thus nobody talks about it.

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