What is the most overrated song of all time?

All songs in the current commercialised hype machine that are rated are in fact “overrated” in a non linear proportion, although some points are - “pop” music are in a self perpetuating cycle that exponentially increase its overrated-ness. There is a a constant barrage of crap that especially overhyped. I used to know what these were… back a few decades ago.

Then the iPod came out about 20 years ago and I stopped listening to radio. Then I just downloaded all my movies / tv shows before streaming is now comprehensive - so I just don’t watch tv anymore. Commercials make my skin crawl. I stopped reading newspapers somewhere in between there… I have switched on the radio - just for shits & giggles but I can’t admit that I have stayed on for more than a few minutes or watched more than a handful of commercial tv episodes before going - yeah / nah…

I just don’t care… “it’s all overrated / overhyped crap”. Sure, there may be a song that comes out and it’s good - but it’s not “overrated” because I just don’t get all the hype, because I’m out of the loop. So, it’s not ruined either by the overhype. It’s funny that there are those still in the loop.

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