What is the most passive aggressive thing you have seen?

My husband, who is not normally that type of person, did something yesterday that was the most passive aggressive thing I have seen in my life.

I'm currently recovering from a brutal knee surgery and I have a disabled parking placard. Our apartment building has one disabled parking place and we are the only ones who have a permit to use it. It's one of those extra large parking spaces for a larger vehicle that can carry a wheel chair (am I painting this picture well enough?).

Anyways, we have neighbours that have been (poorly) parking their vehicles over the line and taking up half the disabled parking spot (I need to be able to open the car door all the way to get out because I have a huge brace). Sometimes parking so far over the line that we couldn't even park our vehicle there. We tried speaking with the landlord, but he's less than helpful. So.. yesterday, they parked the same way.. leaving virtually no space for us to get in. My husband lets me out by the apartment doors and proceeds to park as close as he possibly can to their vehicles drivers side without touching it. There must have been mere millimetres between the side mirrors. We watched gleefully later that day as they had to climb over to the drivers side from the passenger door.

They haven't parked anywhere near us all day today, so I guess they learned their lesson.

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