What is the most pathetic moment of your life?

Kind of. I am happy being by myself, but I would like to be with someone.

Besides dating sites, I've tried sites like meet up for a while as well. When ever I check, there aren't any groups in my area for my interests, and the groups I might consider joining, their events start when I'm still at work, and they're if I try to get to them, they're too far for me to get to in time and they'll be over when I get there.

My friends moved out of town, but when they lived down here, they were always too busy to help, and they felt I should be the one to handle finding someone.

I have asked in person, but for me, the best thing is that they could say is no. I've been laughed at, women would just say gross and just walk away, etc. The worst thing someone did was take a picture of me and then posted it to a "losers who asked me out" page on Instagram. I didn't find that out until almost a year later when I saw that page on Reddit on something like cringe or sad cringe (forgot which one but it was on one of the cringe ones).

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