What was the most petty thing an adult did to you, when you were younger?

One time I was shooting a BB gun with a childhood friend. He took the gun, turned towards a nearby retirement home and shot at it. He broke a window to someone’s room on the top floor.

Upon his mom finding out, without even asking what happened, started yelling at me and telling the retirement home it was me and how I was a very troubled child then gave them my mom’s name and our home phone number, then called my mom and told her how she was raising a demon child and was a horrible parent.

When I got home my parents of course were furious but at least asked what happened. I told them the whole story and said I knew we were being stupid with the bb gun but I didnt shoot the window, and they believed me. Last year my dad and I were talking about it and he said a very similar thing happened to him as a kid and no one believed him when said he hadnt done it so he decided to take my word for it

My mom is still pretty upset about how the other kid’s mom handled the situation

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