What was the most petty thing an adult did to you, when you were younger?

My middle school's police officer pulled his gun on me because I was reading FOTR during his anti-gang lecture. The room got silent and you know how that sudden change in background noise can be disrupting? I looked up at my tablemate and his eyes were shaking, staring right past me. I turned around and there was our more-than-six-foot tall school cop, standing right behind me, with his gun in his hand, pointed at the floor. "Are you going to pay attention to me or do we have a problem?"

I stopped reading and did what my therapist later told me was dissociating - I stared off into space for the remainder of the class like a robot. Never told anyone, no one in the class said anything. Our teacher had left because what could be safer than leaving the room with a cop? Some years later I casually told my parents and they flipped.

Probably part of the reason I don't like cops or guns.

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