What is the most realistic portrayal of schizoid personality disorder in movies and tv shows?

Maybe Sameen Shaw from Person of Interest. Snippets from her wiki page:

Shaw has a self-diagnosed (and unspecified) Axis II Personality Disorder.

Shaw has some resentment towards herself (or her personality disorder specifically) because of the fact that she cannot "feel things" like the majority of the population: "What I do feel is anger. ...most of all, I'm angry that you have people that you can love. And you chose to sign their death warrants".

Another character talking to Shaw

"You always thought there was something wrong with you because you don't feel things the way other people do. But [character] always felt that was what made you beautiful".

I wanted to find the scene of her and her father but couldn't, however this scene of someone confronting her about her "issues" is about on par.

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