What is the most ridiculous conspiracy theory have you ever read/heard?

Humans have lived for only a fraction of a million years, and we've come very far. Sending a man on the moon, splitting atoms, television... in a pretty short time span. Dinosaurs, however, had millions of years to live on the earth. Logic would dictate that they would get much farther than humans have. But why did they all die? They didn't die. The dinosaurs knew what was going to happen to the earth. So they got in their space ships, and flew off to a different, undisclosed planet. Why didn't they come back? They did return. You've read mythology of medieval times, right? What about Chinese mythology? A lot of different civilizations, all around the span of a few centuries, had dragons in their myths. They're not made up fantasy creatures, the dinosaurs returned to Earth, striking fear into the people, who had not the weapons to kill it. But they left. Why? The dinosaurs left Earth again because it was too cold. As cold blooded creatures, the dinosaurs could not live on Earth at the time. So the dinosaurs are done with Earth now, right? Wrong. They are preparing the planet for their return. After millions of years underground, we have found a fuel source from extinct plants that suits our needs in terms of technology. But what's the downside? It's causing global warming. That's right, the dinosaurs are literally tricking us into preparing a nice, toasty planet for them. "We have other fuel sources though!" one might say, "Soon, solar, wind, and nuclear energy will make fossil fuels obsolete!" It won't happen under their watch. But why, you might ask? The dinosaurs control the media. "This is ridiculous," you're thinking. "We'd know if dinosaurs were in the media!" What you would be forgetting is that the dinosaurs are extremely advanced. They have disguising technology that makes them appear human. This is not only for the fossil fuel industry, however. The dinosaurs work in all sorts of media. Have you seen Jurassic Park 2? The one girl is nice to the dinosaur, and feeds it. The dinosaur is friendly and means no harm. Later, that same dinosaur is attacked by a man, and is killed by it. The dinosaurs want you to obey them. They don't want you to fear them either. Think about children's shows and movies with dinosaurs in them. Barney, The Land Before Time, Dinosaurs, Dinosaur... the list is endless. What about their new form, dragons? Dragon Tales. This brainwashing is not only in children's stuff. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is filled with them. There are friendly dragons, like Paarthurnax. However, by nature, they rule. You don't have shouts, you don't have magic. When the dinosaurs come back, you will submit to them.

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