What is the most selfless thing someone is unaware they did for you?

I'm not that close with my dad, I grew up in a one-parent household mostly. So, venting to him would be the last thing I'd ever do. He's cool tho, I know he'd be there for me in a heartbeat.

I was going through something really traumatic around the age of 15, and I wasn't really telling anyone about it. I was completely alone and I was going to explode for sure. this one day, I couldn't bare the sadness. it was overwhelming. so, i called my dad up and just wanted to distract myself. I told him my stomach hurt and he was really confused at first. I mean, who calls just to let them know their stomach hurts? But, he went on to talk about what he was doing for work at that time (he worked offshore). He went on for hours, talking about the same topic. It was to the point where I honestly felt like I knew the ship he was on at that time, like the back of my hand. He kept going on and on and I loved it. We said our goodbyes after a couple hours and I did feel somewhat better. Such a little thing, but I always think about it.

Kinda puts in perspective the whole, 'be nice to everyone, you never know what they're going through" quote. What he did was so minor, but I honestly kinda tear up when I think about it.

it was the most nicest thing anyone has ever done to me and he was completely unaware. I guess he was just happy to talk to me

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