What is the most sham mos in the army.

I read this comment when you first posted it but didn't know whether or not I was going to respond... Having given it some thought, here goes:

Chris Vanek was an incredibly inspiring leader who spent way more time mentoring me on a personal and professional level than I deserved as a young sergeant on his first deployment. It was a privilege to work with him. He was also a force of nature outside the wire, and I had great respect for the fact that he went out on patrol regularly and put his own ass on the line. We still talk, and he's said a thing or two that changed how I see myself (for the better). I consider him a good friend.

I have absolutely no idea how he tolerated Febo. The mind reels. I think they just ignored each other and tried not to be involved in the same things at all. I spent a lot of time in Vanek's office and saw everyone else come and go regularly, never Febo.

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