What is the most statistically unlikely thing that has ever happened to you?

I almost went Blind and Deaf in the span of a year from two completely unrelated ailments.

1 in 3500 people get my degenerative eye disease, 90% of people under 55 with my eye disease don't need a cornea transplant, of the people under 55 only 10% of the people with my eye disease will need a cornea transplant in one eye, of the people who need at least one cornea transplant only 1% of them will end up requiring to have both eyes have cornea transplants. I already have one cornea transplant and im holding out as long as i can to have the second.

That said a year after my eye needing the transplant i found out i would have to have surgery or go deaf because of negative pressure pockets in my ear drums that were rubbing on the inner bones of my ear wearing them down. I had 3 options go deaf, have total ear drum reconstruction where they would've had to drill into my skull, or put tubes in my ears which had a less then 10% chance of working.All of my luck worked because i got tubes in my ears and well it fucking worked.

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