What is the most terrifying thing you’ve ever experienced while home alone?

July 3rd, 2016. I lived in an old house converted into 4 different apartments. My fiancé and I were supposed to go out of town to meet her family. Last minute I decided to stay home as it was a perfect opportunity to play video games with the guys. Star Wars Battlefront for ps4. Got all settled in. Smoked. Made dinner. Stripped down to my boxers. Put on the gaming headset. All lights were off in the house and from outside it looked like no one way home. It’s around 1am. I’m playing the game and I hear a bang at the downstairs front door. Take my headset off and ask who’s there? Nothing. Put the headset back on. Play another 30 seconds and I hear an even louder bang at the door. Run to the top of the stair to look down and see no one there. Run by to my room to grab my phone to call the cops. I then hear the shattering of glass. Look at the front door and I see flashlights and a hand coming through the door. I ask who is it. Thinking a burglar would really respond? Then person yells, “we need you to come down here right now!!!!” I ask again who they are. They said “we are the police!!!” I’m high and paranoid. First thing I think is that they’re coming to raid my house. Mind you, at this time I hadn’t smoked in nearly 2 years. I run back to my room and hide my pipe. Cop yells again, “come down here right now!!!”. Run down the stairs. Barefeet across shattered glass. In nothing but my boxers and glasses. Out the front door and ask, “what’s the problem?! What’s going on?!” The cop says, “your house is on fire, look behind”. Sure enough it was. Flames over 30 feet high. My next door neighbor had gotten drunk on whiskey and fella asleep while holding a cigarette. Standing outside nearly butt naked, I watched most the building burn for over 3 hours. Luckily for me, my unit wasn’t destroyed. The other 3 were either destroyed by the fire or water from the fire hose. Haven’t smoked weed since.

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