What is the most uncomfortable/unpleasant way you've ever realized someone had a crush on you?

Someone I didn’t know (their username wasn’t a name I recognized) followed me on instagram and commented on all my posts, replied to all my stories, and liked all of my posts. I asked who they were and they didn’t tell me so I blocked them. fast forward a few days later and I’m walking my dog when my neighbor whose leaving leaving his house getting into the car. said something along the lines of “did you block me/why did you block me.” I don’t remember it too well because this happened a few months ago. well I didn’t talk to this person very much we only knew each other by first name, and I would wave to him occasionally. He would do creepy things like look over at me when I’m swimming in our neighbor’s pool, stare at me with his frog like eyes, and smile at me without saying a thing. Let’s just say I walk my dogs on a different route since then

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