What movie do you dislike but everyone seems to love?

I hate pretty much all musicals. Old school Disney movies and some comedies (like South Park) can get a pass. But otherwise, I think they're the dumbest shit around. I don't understand how the fuck I'm supposed to take literally anything seriously when characters break out in song. Like, no, sorry, I do not see the seriousness of the drama in Les Miserables because those silly twats keep singing, reminding me that this is just a ridiculous performance. That's why comedies get a pass; they're already silly so odd singing doesn't necessarily ruin it. Also, funny lyrics compensates for that god-awful "musical style" music. It's like, "okay these melodies are fucking dumb but at least the lyrics are (intentionally) amusing."

Other people liking musicals is fine. No skin off my ass. But to me they're just the fucking worst in nearly every regard.

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