What movie emotionally destroyed you?

Oh thank goodness, thank goodness you're serious. I truly do. I'm not okay.

You see, there's this guy on reddit. Lets call him Stinkyballs. He made fun of me for not recognizing the existence of evil, comparing me to a tenth-rate philosophy student.

I thought for sure "evil" was a simple idea that we apply to behaviour we don't like or understand, but according to this guy, it's up to me to prove evil doesn't exist!

My main problem with Stinkyballs, however, is that while most of his arguments are ad hominem - he will also flip completely to approach as a friend. Which is the saddest, slimiest way to avoid the conclusion that you aren't quite as clever as you think you are.

He talks about sadness a whole lot, and admits to being condescending with his attacks, but fails to see that flipping over is the grossest, most pathetic effort yet.

In fact, grosser still that he doesn't know he's doing it.

Bittercupjoe, he actually thinks he's made sensible points that went over the top of my head. He literally, truly, honestly thinks he's here to help now... not run from his inability to string together sentences that address the context of our conversation.

I have witnessed the fall of a boisterous, cocky little philosophy student trying his hardest at applying them in the real world, failing embarrassingly, then landing hard on ad hominem, false charity and whatever tendrils of nonsense will carry the weight of his douchiness.

Thank you for this opportunity.

I break down your points thusly:

1) Good and evil get complicated when you consider them as real.

I don't.

2) You don't know that movie.

You're right.

3) I'm condescending, cool, and edgy. And I just got back from Philosophy 101.

I know

4) Please like me.

No thank you. But luckily for you! You're not evil. Evil doesn't exist. It's a word that when applied does one thing the most: simplifies and confuses an issue.

Try it. Go on. Go apply "evil" to something. I dare you.

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