What movie franchise had the greatest disparity between the best film and the worst film in the series?

I mean, why the fuck does Naboo need a fucling 14 year old queen? And then we're supposed to just buy that this planet is a democracy but they have a teenage girl as their queen? And said teenage girl gets into a romance with a 10 year old boy and we're not meant to see that as weird?

Yes. It's absurd and hilarious. Makes for fun viewing.

Oh, and they just let said ten year old boy pilot and be a part of a very dangerous and important mission to destroy the not-Death Star?

So bananas it makes me laugh. Stupid kid doing tricks gets left in the script. It's hilarious. Then he indecently completes the mission it's so absurd. Phantom Menace has so much to love.

Because at least Force Awakens owned up to the fact that they were just reusing the Death Star. And at least the romances in The Last Jedi sort of made sense. And heck, even Leia's surviving in space was technically lore compliant.

They didn't own up they just did it. It was lazy. No comedic value to save it either it's quite self-serious about itself. That romance was pretty hot though and Leia flying in space was groovy. Poe ruining the plan and indirectly getting 80% of the rebels killed was hilarious though. Then Rose(?) stops Finn's sacrifice getting another 10% of them shot. Those bits have value but it's not enough. The sequels suck and unlike the prequels have no other entertainment value.

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