What Movie were you Psyched to see, but after you saw it, you were Pissed/Disappointed?

Interstellar. I'm not gonna say anything is overrated but I will say that I'd rather live in the alternate universe where Spielberg fucks it up. Something about that movie pisses me off. Starting at the scene where Cooper gets all salty at the parent teacher conference because of the school's insistence that the Apollo missions were faked. Every line and idea in the movie is repeated like they think the average viewer is too busy posting on Nolan's IMDb page to actually pay attention to the movie. Anne Hathaway and Michael Caine's characters simultaneously sucked. The "big twist" involving them is pointless and confusing. Casey Affleck was a dick for no reason.

Not to say the film is all bad. Tears were streaming down my face during the "I'm coming back" scene. And the relative recorded messages scene. The effects in the movie were also awesome, and they seem to echo a sentiment I've always held for movies. "Hey, instead of doing just CGI, or just practical effects, why don't we combine them for something that looks totally real and breathtaking?".

I don't think Nolan is overrated. I love Inception, and his run with the Dark Knight was cool. I don't think his Batmans are all they're cracked up to be but I digress. I wanted the movie to be something it wasn't I guess. The writing is just really ... weird to me. None of the character motivations make sense, and sometimes it feels like Nolan wouldn't nearly be as big without the work of Hanz Zimmer or any of the amazing actors that have graced his screen. I hate to pull this card, but imagine a world where Heath Ledger lives, or never plays Joker to begin with. Would Nolan be as blown up as he is now?

Wow now I've written a wall of text and I'll probably get downvoted. I'm actually rewatching it now and I still can't believe how many actors turned up for this movie. Topher Grace is in this movie for all of 30 seconds. Matt Damon definitely saves it for me but I know it won't last...

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