What muslims think, when they hear the co-pilot did crash the plane on purpose.

It also depends on what you believe about souls too I suppose. The girl I nanny said that she only thinks souls go to heaven after they've had a chance to live a full life. If the soul doesn't get a chance to do that, it can be recycled into a new "vessel" and try again. I thought that was really beautiful. Especially when you think about it within the context of miscarriages, still births, or natural infant deaths.

That is wishful thinking. I see this come up all of the time, and each time it breaks my heart. Abortion isn't a "do-over" no matter how much someone wants it to be. If you find out your child may have Downs and you abort it, trying to have another child doesn't erase the fact that you killed the first one. It's purely an attempt to feel better about a choice that you regret. Religion has no place in the abortion debate, since it is largely corrupt fantasies made by mankind to justify its shitty actions.

Soul or no soul, it's irrelevant. I've had years where I am Catholic, deist, and atheist. Not once have I changed my opposition to abortion. Either you recognize the intrinsic value human life or you don't. If all pro-choicers simply said, "I believe that I should have the right to kill because this inconveniences me," or, "My life is more important than my child's," I would have a bit more respect for them.

Quality of life concerns are irrelevant. You are choosing not to be a parent, yet you are trying to exercise parental rights and protect your child from some bad fate? How dare anyone judge another's life. It's not yours to live. You are choosing death over adoption or foster care, and while they are less than ideal, they are superior to not living at all. Someone who wants to choose abortion sacrifices all right to a role in their child's future, and as such, their opinions on it shouldn't matter.

At any stage, an unborn child is undeniably a human being. To say otherwise is the do the same as the Nazis, or slavers. Throughout history, we have justifed countless atrocities by declaring their victims "not human." As time goes on, society recognizes this awful practice, and we begin to protect those we previously scorned.

Abortion will be no different. For the vast majority of human history, abortion has been a common practice, much like slavery, and opposition to it is very recent. Anyone who supports abortion is placing themselves on the losing side of history.

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