What do you need to get off your chest? [serious]

Absolutely hate my ex girlfriend right now for treating me like shit in the past 2 weeks. Kept telling me she missed me all summer and that we should see each other again in the fall and see where things are with us. First got back and she asked me to come help set some stuff up at her place chatted a bit, asked her if she had any weekend plans and she said she was busy.. fine that's cool maybe next time. Ask her again and she says she's too busy. I straight up ask her if she even wants to try and she says she's just busy right now but we'll hang soon. Ask her again and instead of saying she just wants to move on and so should I she says I don't ever want to talk to you ever again making me incredibly sad and angry that someone I knew so well lost all respect for me and it was out of nowhere literally did nothing to her before she said that but now I made a fool out of myself trying to get her to tell what happened and just hate her fucking guts for just being so disrespectful for no reason

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