What is the nicest thing someone has ever said to you?

Sitting in an English class toward the end of my senior year. We were supposed to move the desks around the room in a circle pattern for some sort of poetry reading. A lot of people did serious stuff, but I decided to do a few limerick riddles to make up for the line requirement. People liked it, said it was clever, but I didn't pay it much mind

I've never been a social person, and generally tend to gravitate toward less populated areas. Once we had finished arranging them, people started to fill in the seats fast. For whatever reason, most of my classmates wanted the seats toward the door, so naturally I went in the opposite direction, toward an isolated and more empty corner.

From behind me, I hear my name followed by "Why are you going over there?" I turn around and see one of my friends. I had seen her around the school, but had only really started talking to her when we had the same high-level biology class and sat at the same table.

I'm a very quiet person around strangers, but when I'm with friends I tend to try to have a bit of fun with them; Fucking around with them, but making sure not to tread to the point of being obnoxious. Naturally, when I warmed up to her a bit I started to do the same kind of thing. At first, she just sort of dramatically scoffed at it, but soon she was doing the same thing.

I remember pausing for a moment when she called my name. There was a seat open, but it was pretty crowded so I was hesitant to take it, but I did. In a half-effort to save face for not immediately choosing that seat, I made some remark that I can't exactly remember, but I know it was something along the 'poking fun' line. She responded along the same lines, and it continued as it always did. Eventually, I said something that made her give an aggravated sigh, and I was fairly happy with the outcome, thinking the banter was over. But the next thing she said floored me.

"You're lucky that you're cute"

It's really simple, I know, but something you have to understand is that I had never once, before then or since then, received any compliment from a girl, let alone someone who I was actually somewhat interested in.

My brain receded into itself, freezing up as it tried to process what happened. I had a small suspicion that there might have been something, but I don't ever dare to trust my own judgement on such things. Even today, I'm not sure what the indicators were. Maybe someone here can point them out?

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