What do you think of Nintendo’s RPGs that aren’t Pokemon?

The Mario RPGs were some of by absolute favorite games of all time. Then Sticker Star came and ruined everything good about life. At least Sparks of Hope remained me of the 2000s and the good times for Mario, with creative characters that have a personality in a non-bland world.

I "like" Earthbound but I don't think it's some kind of masterpiece like many people claim, it's like a 1990s random adventure with wacky things happening and then at the end it remembers it had a plot. Mother 3 however, that game is a masterpiece.

About Fire Emblem, the only one I enjoyed was 7 on GBA. Then tried Awakening and got bored because it was extremely dumbed down, then Three Houses and dropped due to the Monastery stuff (And also for being as easy and brainless as Awakening). Not interested in Engage, the MC's design looks so bad it puts me off from even looking at the game.

Xenoblade Chronicles games are all amazing, XC1 is still one of my favorites games of all time though and the best in the series. X was a great open world game, Mira felt alive and the Skells were fun to use, the main story wasn't anything remarkable though. 2 was good but it has some really bad issues (RNG blades, skill fields, the compass, bad tutorials). 3 was about to become my favorite until the ending.

Golden Sun is the jewel crown of Camelot. Really original story, great music and the battles are so fun with the Djinn system. I like GS1 more than 2 though, the latter one felt too directionless at times.

Bravely Default

That's a Square Enix IP.

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