What Now?! Leaving SGI.

Hello Nina, please know that you are not alone in leaving SGI and feeling the way you feel about it. It will only become more clear as time passes by that you made a right decision for yourself.

Here is the truth .... This org is absolutely codependent org and none can exist without each other, from Linda to Danny to Tariq to Donna .... They are all the same, big on talks and appearances. They promote top down leadership to feed their own ego. The whole concept of world peace is to make people feel good. They can't even change their own karma, what will they help another human being.

Just observe a life of any SGI person, you will find bunch of unhappy people always talking struggles and difficulties. Who in the world doesn't have struggles! Who doesn't face life, death, sickness, or old age! But they either first create problems or make it a big deal and then try to overcome and share experiences.

When the national leader cannot lose weight since she's very heavy and people ask her that why she's can't lose, she makes a national guidance to encourage others that it's not just a weight problem but a deep routed karma in her life. It's been 10 years and she still the same.

If anyone in this planet thinks that they are practicing true Buddhism in SGI, then God Bless them. Buddhism without Shakyamuni is like body without soul. Even Buddha said that he can't save his own disciples, all have to work on their salvation, and these bunch of SGI will save the world. SGI practices outwards, where as Buddhism is a inwards journey.

If one discusses with any doctor, scientist, psychiatrist, psychologist, or a person of wisdom, within no time they will call SGI a religious cult. This organization has made people so unhappy, dependent, and high (just like taking opium), that they can't live without it. Religion should make people independent and let them live their lives, not push them to run an organization. None of them have any other goal than to run this organization, from distributing Gohonzon, or world tribune. Long Island, NY was no 1 in SGI USA As published in WT and half of them threw their Gohonzon away.

Same story everywhere .... Let them stay under the effect of Opium and feel high. Let them enjoy changing their karma over the phone. You enjoy being free.

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