What obsession did you have as a teenager that you still have as an adult?

Eh, I just don't feel like games are what they used to be.

Especially because people my age aren't into games as much.

Plus, it used to be everyone had the same games. Back when everyone played Halo 2 or 3 was great, and before that like SSBB on the N64 or whatever else (also played games we shouldn't like Conkers). And before that was the games I grew up with, mostly Super Nintendo titles (Final Fantasy II and III (which is actually IV and VI), Final Fantasy VII (PSx), Final Fantasy IX (PSx), Final Fantasy X (PS2), Kingdom Hearts (PS2), Chrono Trigger (but on PSx), Starbound, Megaman X, Super Mario Collection, Super Mario World, Super Mario 64 (N64), Zelda Link to the Past, Zelda Orcarina of Time (N64), Sonic 2 (Genesis), and Megaman Legends / Legends 2 (PSx) are what stand out in memory for me. I was born in 1993, so I was kinda into games that were slightly before my time actually, having owned an NES, SNES, and Genesis first.

Anyway, games just aren't the same, I don't know exactly what it is but their stories just don't feel like they have the depth that they used to, and too many are super focused on being open-world and stuff. The only recent game I've enjoyed has been Undertale.

I guess the age of games like those has just come and gone for the most part. I kinda feel like gaming was awesome and then Fallout and GTA happened and it changed everything (and I like Fallout but still).

As for multiplayer games, I just miss Halo 2 and Halo 3. I mean, EVERYONE had Halo 3. Fucking everyone. We could all get together and play that. No matter what anyone's taste we could agree to that. It was the lynchpin of many online friendships, I had tons of friends I could get on to every day.

Now? Now everyone's gone in their own directions. Hard as hell to get any two people to agree to a game, and the market has ADHD so if you wanna keep up with what's trending you need to buy a new game every other week.

Well, unless you... scowls.. are into League or something... that's another one of those games that happened and changed everything... regrettably...

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