What is the one bad opinion you have about your male friends which you will never tell them? (X-Post Askmen)

I knew a guy like this. He obsessed over a girl in high school and into college. She was perfect, the only one for him, etc. Except, he viewed her boyfriend as being the "typical douchebag jock" just because she chose him. In reality, her boyfriend was a very cool dude.

Tragedy struck, her boyfriend was in a horrible fire. He was put in a medically induced coma, and nearly died. He was unconscious for months, burned over 80% of his body, and had to have an arm amputated.

Our dear hero took this time to pursue the girl relentlessly, while keeping an online blog bashing the boyfriend, and including hoping he would pass away. He was absolutely furious and simultaneously beyond depressed that this girl was so devoted to a "total asshole" that she stayed by his side.

He went on to blame the "princess" and her "douchebro" for all of his problems. He was a virgin because of her. He had social anxiety because of her. He had depression, because of her, etc.

He also passed up an untold amount of opportunities to be social and discover other girls, because of her.

His blog ended up gettting really cruel, gross and manipulative. He used it to garner pitty from girls and eventually convinced one to sleep with him "to save his life" (he frequently wrote about killing himself by a certain age if he didn't lose his virginity).

I lost track of him after that, as I couldn't stomach reading his blog and didn't really care for him or the group of friends I had met him through to begin with. It's been about 8 years I think since I saw him last and out of curiousity googled what he's been up to.

Surprisingly, he has moved on! It took him until his 30's but he has a girlfriend, they both seem very happy and normal together and they have video blog on youtube where they document their travels in other countries.

I don't know what changed him, but he changed. So, I guess the moral of the story is, don't give up on your friend, because if you really believe this:

One of my guy friends is honestly the sweetest guy on the planet

Then there may be hope for him yet.

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