What one cool thing happened in your game last week?

PC is an older man in Chicago. He lives in a neighbor hood that was horrible, but over time has improved. When some young men decided the street in front of his house was a place to hang out and harass people, deal drugs, etc, he just came out and stared at them while sipping coffee and smoking a cigarette, knowing this would provoke them if it went on long enough.

When they took issue with his stare down he talked shit. When they started a physical confrontation, trying to punch him, he recorded it with his phone and called the cops. He ducked a few punches making them look stupid, like they couldn't touch him. One of them pulled a knife, he pulled a gun. The cops arrived at the standoff and arrested one of them, the others ran off. The video made sure he didn't get in trouble.

He is a 160ish year old Sorcerer that could have made the earth swallow them whole had he wanted. Instead he pulled some sort of Gran Torino, Clint Eastwood meets Avon from The Wire shit, and didn't need any magic to get some punk kids on his lawn.

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