What is that one dream you had that you will always remember?

I'll never forget this dream, I've tried a few times over the years to start a novel about it.

First the dream was weird because in it, I was a young man - even though at the time of the dream I was a 15 year old girl in real life.

I was part of some kind of royal family in this desert type land in an ancient time. I had my two parents and a little sister, and I guess we were royalty/in charge/whatever because we had healing powers.

However, apparently there were three men in our society we refused to heal. They had deformities they were desperate to fix but they must have done something awful for my family to refuse to help them. So they decided to overthrow us.

The next part of the dream that I remember is I'm on my own, trying to rescue my sister (only her, maybe I knew that my parents had already been killed or something?)

The three bad guys have taken over the city but I manage to gather a few soldiers who want to help me take back control. They get me into the castle but we are attacked by their fellow soldiers who have sided with the deformed men. I am captured and I remember as they are pulling me away, one of the soldiers who was helping me is lying on the ground bleeding. As the drag me past him he reaches out his hand so I can use my power to save his life - I reach out for him too but am pulled away too quickly. It messes me up really bad in the dream, my family has never failed to heal someone who needs and deserves it...

I am taken to the throne room where my family used to sit together. My parent's thrones and my throne are occupied by the three deformed new rulers. My sister's smaller throne remains empty, reminding me she is missing and I need to get to her. They offer to return my sister if I heal them - but I just can't. There is a reason we never healed them in the first place, and even for my sister I just CAN'T do that.

The next part I remember is I stare them down and say something along the lines of "You do know that this part of the city is below sea level, right?"

And then water rushes in from everywhere, we are all submerged, they are drowning and just as I am about to drown as well, a giant koi fish rescues me.

Then I woke up.

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