What is one red flag that, if seen during an interview, would make you decline a job offer?

I had a really bizarre interview with 3 interviewers once, when I entered the room there was 1 person to my front, one to my left and one to my right in a fairly large room. I said hello and sat down and they just didn’t respond, there was an awrkward silence while they literally just stared at me for about 30 seconds before one of them sighed loudly and wrote some things down.

So I tried to ask a few questions like what the job entails( it just said testing blood samples in the Advertisement, ask for more details at interview). I asked questions like what sort of things would we test for or was it a general testing facility (as when I entered I noticed two testing areas), one labelled for bio hazards.

One of them then asked me in a very condescending manner if I’d even bothered to read up on the job, which I replied that the Ad hadn’t given much away.

This went on for about 10mins of me trying to think of stuff to ask and they just wrote stuff down.

I asked if they wanted to see my qualifications in science and they said they didn’t need to.

There was a lot more sighing and sitting there looking board do in the end I just got up and walked out and they didn’t try and stop me or say anything.

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