What is the "One Rule" you promise yourself to NEVER break and why?

Never put someone else's happiness over my own.

I can compromise but that means equality. I can even take into consideration someone else's point to see why that might be better than mine. But I'll never undermine or suppress my own happiness for anyone else's.

You only have one life, and I want to be happy. When I am happy then I can give myself wholly and unconditionally and we can all be happy. I will never comprise 50% of me, if 60% is unhappy. I'll ask whomever to sit down, let's talk and figure this out so we're both happy. I'm not an unreasonable person, I've compromised and lost some of the thing I want and still remained happy. It's about being heard and respected. You do that, I do that, and we can all be respectful.

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