What is one shock you had and you could never forget it?

Long story short a family friend was shocked to learn I was 6 and still couldn't swim. He insisted he could easily teach me because he taught all of his kids. He took me into the adults pool, told me to do a doggy paddle and then just let me go. I was well under before he pulled me back up and water had gotten into my airways. He couldn't see the horrified expression on my face because I was facing the other way and my family was on the other side of the pool so nobody could see me. My first thought was to get the fuck out and I reached out to the ledge which luckily he noticed and took me closer. I ran to the showers and gurgled water and coughed until I could breathe again.

I felt so helpless in those few seconds before I could reach the edge of the pool where I couldn't move on my own, my throat felt like it was taped shut and I couldn't even yell for help because no sound came out. My throat also burned for the next few days. I never went to the pools again until I was a teenager.

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