What is that one thing that someone said or did to you,that you will never forget?

I was in 6th grade & my mom had just passed away a few days before Valentine's Day. I didn't want to go back to school because I was angry with everything. So then Valentine's Day came around & I was sent a big bag of generic kid Valentine's Day cards from my class. The cards actually pissed me off more than anything. It was like no one could see how sad I was & that I didn't want to celebrate anything. They were ignoring what had just happened. I know that wasn't the intention but 12yr old me took it that way. Anyway, there was 1 actual card in the bag. It was a condolence card saying how sorry they were that my mom died. It was from a boy who mostly kept to himself, a fellow introvert. I knew he was sincere. It made me cry because I felt seen. It was a small gesture but one I will never forget.

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