What is one of your biggest successes in life?

I am only 22 years old and there is lot more things to achieve but, as question demands I would like to share my biggest achievement in life.

The biggest achievement of My life is that I have never let my feelings and hormones to take control over me. I always remain in control. I had never harassed a girl, never tried to molest or take advantage of any girl. Always respected them and never abused or hit a girl.

I believe in monogamy, that is why I am currently in a committed relationship for more than 5 years. I see my friends and people around chasing girls and looking for hook up but. believe I never tried or intended to chase a girl or never looked for hook up.

The greatest thing for a human is self satisfaction and I am fully satisfied with myself. I love myself because I am a good person and not a pervert. I respect relationships, I respect friendship ( With a girl ) and I know my boundaries.

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