What other Revolvers/Weapons would be realistic in the RDR2 time period?

Personally, I have a dream list of some nice military rifles of the era:

  1. The Mosin-Nagant 1891 Dragoon

  2. The 1895 Lee-Enfield Mk I

  3. I know we already have the full Army version, but I'd love the 1873 trapdoor Springfield carbine.

  4. If Online ever jumps to the Epilogue, in 1907, then we can get the 1903 Springfield and the 1906 Type 38 Arisaka.

I also would like some revolvers:

  1. A personal favorite, the 1895 Nagant Revolver; this one can be silenced because the ammo cylinder moves forward when the trigger is pulled, making it flush with the barrel and trapping the gases that normally escape.

  2. The 1892 Lebel revolver

  3. The 1889 Bodeo revolver

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