What Other Shenanigans are Our New Overlords Proposing

Dear god, I knew about some of this... but we're turning into an outright marxist hellscape.

I mean, I know people have "said" that for years now, but man.. this is legit the real deal. This is the actual takeover. This is the kind of that happened in nations like Viet Nam, Venezuela and the Soviet Union when their sycophants seized control.

I've seen the writing on the wall for awhile now.. I've been aware of some things the state has been doing since Northam took the reins... It was pretty obvious he was a manchurian candidate, but I just.. I dunno, I didn't really want to believe that any place within the geographical boundary of the United States could fall to an actual marxist communist regime...

But I guess it's time to admit that it has happened. The gun laws were really when I admitted to myself, but this stuff just enforces the reality.

The most concerning thing to me, is that the federal government is completely and totally silent.

Not even so much as a sideways glance, which is actually quite concerning. We have an actual regime setting up shop on US soil, in an existing state government, going completely and totally unchecked outside of the 2a sanctuary movement... and that's about all that's happening.

People are just crossing their fingers and hoping that lobby day fixes something.

Nothing has so much as even slowed them down.

This is a group of ideologues, loyal to their own ideology, hell bent on setting up a rogue regime that shits on the values of the US constitution, the state constitution, and enslaves the citizens...

And it's just, like... happening right in front of our eyes.

This is surreal.

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