What do you over think about?

Far too many things. Both rational and not rational.

  • Scenarios that happened years ago that I replay. The "what could I have done differently in high school", "fuck, I hated getting bullied." That kind of stuff...I am 43...
  • Projects. Always something churning. I have an app I am trying to build that I am doing everything for. Trying to release it in a very niche market and weighing the pros and cons of starting a business. Plus the app design, workflow and trying to make it all make sense.
  • My mother is in her early 70s and is slowly falling apart but doesn't want to go to a "home" (I live with her currently in a 2 family home). My SO is trying to get a new job in a new area which means we have to move. With my mom in tow....Which is stressful for obvious reasons. She (mom) is a hoarder but doesn't see it. "We might need that some day".
  • I am half-blind (one functioning eye) and have also never had steady vision (nystagmus) so I can't drive nor can I do anything that is detail oriented (at least at a speed that a business would find acceptable).
  • My teeth suck so I am dreading a long coming dentist visit.
  • My SO is the most amazing damn woman on the planet and I don't deserve her and constantly wonder why the hell she is with me.
  • Even though I don't want kids I also feel guilty for not furthering my family line. My mom says that it's ok but I still feel guilty bad about it.
  • Everything I do I can never seem to finish to my satisfaction. Pisses me off far too often.

Yeah, just a few things...

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