What past incident from your daily commute still haunts you?

I have two. The first, some idiot made an illegal U-turn in front of me from right to left which caused me to T-bone them. The road was a four lane divided highway with a speed limit of 60 mph. It was on the way to high school one morning and my sister and neighbor were in the car with me. Most people who had ever ridden in the backseat of my vehicle wouldn’t use the seatbelt because space was tight which made the belt extremely difficult to buckle, but thankfully he just happened to be wearing it that morning. He’d undoubtedly have gone through the windshield without it. My truck’s airbags also failed to deploy. We had just stopped for breakfast and all of our food and drink ended up covering the windshield and dashboard. Both the vehicles were totaled but luckily I wasn’t at fault so was fully compensated for the loss. After dealing with the cops, paramedics, and tow company, I had to get to school to take a test that I was prepared for but ended up failing due to the morning’s events.

The second time was a rainy day on the way to take an exam at my university. It was a 3-lane highway and had an additional lane for cars to merge on from. I was traveling in the middle lane when approaching that on ramp and the truck attempting to get on the highway hydroplaned and lost control. He went careening across traffic from right to left, crossing the right lane and then directly in front of me in the middle lane. I braked just enough that I missed hitting him by a hair, but the car in the left lane that was moving much faster than me ended up T-boning him at full speed before ricocheting off and into the concrete highway divider. I pulled off the road and into the median a bit further up the road and got out of my car to see if everyone involved was okay. The guy who hydroplaned was unable to get out of his car and was pretty shaken up, but conscious. I called 911 and told them what happened but couldn’t stay to help (not that there was much I could do to assist beyond that anyway) and had to get to university to take my exam. I ended up passing that exam but I’m always super anxious whenever I drive on big roads anymore.

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