What percentage of depression do you think is just misdiagnosed "suffering from capitalism"?

I dealt with something like this when I got therapy for social anxiety as a teen. It really didn’t help at all because the therapist just kept telling me to change things about myself. I did what she said and tried to smile more, not have panic attacks, etc but we hit this brick wall when I actually started making friends but felt like they didn’t really care about me or share my interests. She also literally just couldn’t comprehend living in a poor and rural area where there was nothing to do and very few opportunities for socialization outside of school.

Thankfully I outgrew the social anxiety but the gaslighting, whether intentional or not, really messed with my head and now I find myself overly-internalizing things and blaming myself for things I really shouldn’t. I’m also in a place now where I definitely need treatment of some sort but am too scared off by the whole thing. I tried going somewhere else and they basically nearly called the cops on me for admitting to doing cocaine one time.

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