What percentage of your characters are basically defined by their gender and/or sexuality? Be honest.

Queer people aren’t treated this way in fanfic. The motivation and identity and community responsibility and audience for fanfic are completely separate from mainstream media. Almost all queer fanfic is written BY queer people and read by queer people. Sexual exploration in fic is personal and by its nature unharmful. It’s curated by the people who consume it.

It’s NOT the same thing as institutionalized misogyny in mainstream fiction. It’s also not the same thing as institutionalized queerphobia in mainstream fiction. Both of which are enormous problems, and have extremely different causes and effects.

But none of which have anything to do with ‘reducing characters to their sexuality’. Which is what this thread was about. Which is the only thing I was pushing back on.

I don’t like policing what queers write for other queers to read, especially when it’s queers doing the policing. It’s a huge own goal.

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