What person do you hate the most right now?

My downstairs neighbour. I live in a townhouse that is above a large two bedroom condominium. She moved in in the Summer with 2 large dogs and a cat even though the strata rules say one pet only. When we tried to slap her wrist she clamied neither her nor her real estate agent read any of the bylaws or minutes so she was unaware such a rule existed and she would have never bought the place had she known.

She also works from home and is a chain smoker and lies about that too. For the first month and a half after she moved in I wondered why our downstairs bathroom smelled of stale cigarettes because when I asked her about it she said she barely smokes or is trying to quit or only smokes one night a week when she has friends over. Then one day I saw her with a window open and could smell the stale cigarettes from the sidewalk. The smell coming into our unit was completely overpowering, in the Summer we would hear our daughter wake up in the middle of the night coughing, only to go and check and find out that her bedroom reeks of cigarettes, her bedroom window is direcly above our neighbour's bedroom window. In the heat of mid August we were forced to close all the windows to our unit and buy an AC unit and no trivial cost because she refused to come to a compromise with her habit.

Come Autumn we are forced to open our doors and windows to the cold outside to keep our house ventilated because she refuses to smoke outside.

She then had the audacity to bang on the ceiling and file a complaint that our daughter's heavy footfalls are disturbing her work...in the middle of the afternoon. We made a genuine effort to put down some mats and try to confine her play area to other parts of the house, but she still refuses to compromise with her smoking habit.

On top of this our Strata council are unwilling to fine her citing human rights issues, so they are essentially powerless to do anything besides let her know when we complain. Nothing has changed in eight months, she has caused an enormous amount of stress on my family and exacerbated more than one of my 2 year old daughters colds. We will be moving in the Spring, which is also sad because besides her, we get along really well with our neighbours and one of them has a daughter the same age as our daughter.

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