What do pets think when we are engaged in a long conversation on the phone?


This week’s award tally!

Welcome to the Saturday Charity tally! I started this experiment a few weeks ago and I’m back again. I do my best to update regularly. I hope you guys continue to enjoy it. Thanks for all the support. It’s been a lot of fun!

Last week (Sept. 12) summary: We had 93 total awards during last week’s charity! The 3 most given awards were Gold, Pot o’ Coins, and Coin Gift/Narwahl Salute. We had 2 Argentinium and 1 Gold Bars.

Receive humbly and give when you can <3

September 19th Award Tally:



Pot o’ Coins:

Coin Gift:

Narwahl salute:

Total Awards:

Last Update: 6:00am CST/4:00am PST (US)

Disclaimer: I‘m preparing for someone coming to visit from out of town, so I’ll do my best with updates today! Thanks for your patience during any unusual gaps today. I’m still (kinda new.)

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